Joe Ruiz - CEO / Founder

Joe is a Silicon Valley native with over  20 years of experience in IT consulting, product development and online  marketing. His entrepreneurial drive to discover emerging technologies  has helped Governments and Tech giants like IBM, Hitachi, and Microsoft  develop and successfully launch first-to-market applications. As a  direct descendant of one of the Signers of the Declaration of  Independence and an avid history buff, Joe has a keen interest in the  evolution of communications, information management, data preservation  and security.


Rick Bottomley - CFO

Rick has over 30 years of experience and  has held senior financial positions in several private and public  companies, including thosecompanies listed on the NASDAQ and the London  Stock Exchange. Rick currently is the current CFO of Cloudstream Media  which is focused on the internet media market. Rick He was also the CFO  of AWR Corporation, a leader of high-frequency EDA tools which was  recently sold to National Instruments. 


Pat Donahoe - Board Member

A veteran of the USPS for 39 years, Pat  served as the 73rd Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer of the  United States Postal Service. A 39 year veteran of the USPS, He was a  visionary leader who pushed for more integration between mail and  digital communications in the mailing industry. Under his leadership,  the Postal Service launched several new products and services that  generated over $1 billion in new revenue and strengthened the Postal  Service position in the delivery marketplace.


Nagisa Manabe

A Harvard Business School graduate Nagisa  has held top leadership positions with several major companies. She was  the Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of the United States Post Office  and reported directly to then Postmaster General Pat Donahoe. In this  role, she was responsible for sales, marketing, innovation, digital,  stamp development & distribution, and corporate licensing. Prior to  the USPS, she led the New Growth Platforms Team for Coca Cola Japan.